Clean Filtration

From drilling holes to cutting tiles and sawing lumber, dust during a remodel is inevitable. Dust particles dance through the air and can land on your clothing, toothbrushes, pets, and even in your lungs. Dust is persistent and will linger long after the project is complete unless it is prevented from the get-go.

What's Next Remodeling LLC is proud to provide a trusted solution to eliminate dust from the air before it settles. The Build Clean filtration system is a portable unit that works to consistently and effectively remove dust from the air.

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Build Clean Filtration: How it Works

The Build Clean filtration system works in a few simple steps.

  • Once the system is situated and activated it draws air in
  • The dust and particles in the air pass through a series of intricate filters
  • The clean or "scrubbed" air is then returned to the outside
  • The filtration system captures up to 90% of dust and allergens from the air

The system itself is small, portable, and quiet. Reducing disruption in a series of ways.

Protect Your Household with Clean Construction

Our team relies on the Build Clean filtration system for all our remodeling projects. It is a part of our innovative dust control plan.

Our dust control plan aims to protect the health and safety of you, your family, and your pets. Your well-being and happiness are our top priority, and being able to provide a clean and safe work site within your home, helps us to guarantee your satisfaction.

Many families avoid renovations and remodeling because of dust and debris. Some individuals are especially sensitive, experiencing allergies and respiratory issues.

Now you can reap the many benefits of high-quality remodeling without the risk.

Clean Air Filtration Makes for Easy Clean-Up

Another game-changing aspect of using an air filtration system is just how easy clean-up becomes. Typically, clean-up is a significant aspect of remodeling projects, but with Build Clean, dust is eliminated before it lands.

By using the filtration system, your home and belongings remain dust-free, and our team can do their job more safely and efficiently. Avoiding a long-winded daily clean up means we can use our time to get as much work done as possible, meaning that your project is completed faster.

Clean Filter Technologies: How You Benefit

The trusted air filtration system works to promote a healthy, fresh and ultimately livable environment during remodels. On top of working to protect your family, pets and crew members, the filtration system also protects sensitive electronics such as computers and TVs.

Clean filter technologies allow you to stay in your home while renovations persist, enhancing both comfort and convenience.

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