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When the time comes to remodel the bathroom in your Allen home, you...ll find no one better suited to oversee the project than What's Next Remodeling LLC. Offering a full suite of bathroom remodeling services, here to replace tiles, update the hardware, and radically transform your bathroom.

Turn your cramped bathroom into a welcoming space for daily self-care routines. Call us at (469) 774-1777 to schedule your remodeling consultation.

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Sensible Approach to Remodeling Bathrooms

A standard full bathroom in an American home typically ranges between 35 and 50 square feet in size. In this small area, you...ll typically find a toilet, sink, bathtub or shower, and maybe even some storage space. Fitting so many features into a small space is a challenge for many builders and remodelers, and that...s why so many bathrooms are just too cramped.

When you want to avoid banging your knees on the side of the tub or crouching to be able to look in the mirror, it pays to work with a remodeling company that specializes in bathrooms. The best of the best know how to turn a bathroom into a practical and aesthetically pleasing space. As many of our past clients have come to learn, the remodelers you can rely on for this sort of work.

We take a sensible approach to bathroom remodeling, ensuring every bathroom we build is as functional as possible every step of the way.

Making the Most out of Small Bathrooms

Many bathrooms could benefit from being a little larger—but that isn...t possible for most homeowners. Unless you want to completely reimagine an entire floor, you need to make use of the space you have. Making the most of small spaces is our specialty. Some approaches we might take include the following:

  • Optimizing storage
  • Installing space-saving fixtures
  • Improving lighting
  • Removing unnecessary walls and barriers
  • Utilizing vertical space
  • ...and more

Approaches like these can go a long way in making a cramped bathroom more spacious. Even something as simple as installing additional lighting fixtures can make a space feel larger than it actually is.

Allen Remodelers Offering the Best Customer Service

At What's Next Remodeling LLC, skilled in all facets of residential remodeling, including customer service. From the moment you contact us until the moment we complete your bathroom remodel, we promise nothing less than the finest service. We answer questions, address concerns, and take all the time needed to understand the finer points of your remodeling wishes.

Look to us when you want the following:

  • Quick turnarounds on projects
  • Up-front estimates
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured remodelers and laborers
  • Full suite of additional remodeling services
  • ...and more

High-Quality Fixtures and Materials

When the time comes to find the fixtures, building materials, and other bathroom hardware needed for your remodel, we...ll help you track down the best products for great rates. Over the years, developed strong relationships with local and reputable suppliers, making us the team to call for smooth, cost-effective logistical organization and project management.

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