Kitchen Remodeling

There is no doubt about it, there is a lot to be said for being a DIY enthusiast. The skill, ingenuity and initiative that goes into doing things for yourself is great and needs to be rewarded. However, the simple fact of the matter is that when it comes to kitchen remodeling, you need to leave it to the professionals you can rely on. With stakes as high as these you need a skilled and dedicated team to make sure nothing goes wrong. What's Next Remodeling LLC is that team.

Work with a Kitchen Remodel Designer with Plenty of Experience

Whether it’s a layout redesign, or a few simple upgrades, working with an experienced kitchen-remodel designer really pays off. In the short term, you can expect a stress-free and comprehensive design process that is interactive and incorporates your ideas, and in the long term, you can expect quality that lasts.

Why settle for something that’s not exactly what you were expecting when you can work with our team to get the stunning finish you deserve? Phone us today to get started.

Redoing Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

You may have thought you’d love the color you chose for your cabinets forever when you first laid eyes on your new kitchen, but after some time and plenty of use, it’s time for something fresh and new.

Redoing kitchen cabinets and counters is an excellent way to revitalize cooking spaces of all shapes and sizes of cooking spaces, with personalized options to suit your preferences being our specialty. Talk to our team to find out what we can do to create the perfect kitchen for you.

Bring Your Goals to Life with the Help of a Local Kitchen Contractor

Would changing the lighting in your kitchen improve your experience while washing dishes and preparing all the different foods you love? Adding a kitchen island may give you the counters space and extra storage you crave. Maybe you’ve had your heart set on new flooring, upgraded appliances, and refreshed paint.

Whatever your goals, we’re confident in our ability to deliver superior design, construction, and finishing services that leave you with the kitchen of your dreams. Phone us to learn more about what our certified experts bring to the table to enhance each unique remodeling project.

What Colors Will Enhance My Kitchen the Most?

Given our years of experience in all aspects of the kitchen remodeling business, we have seen certain trends come and go in terms of color schemes.

Cloud Blue

The cloud blue that What's Next Remodeling LLC offers provides a powdery shade that can add softness to your kitchen while also being the perfect complement to your dark hardwood floors. This color is perfect for cabinetry but can also be used on walls or even floors.

Traditional Cream

If you want a color scheme that offers a classic and traditional look consider a traditional cream. This color adds significant warmth to both rustic and modern kitchens alike.

Dark Charcoal

There is no doubt this is a choice carries a certain sophisticated elegance and beauty that is simply not visible in other color or shades. This color is always in style and carries a sophisticated appeal that is very difficult to match.

Refreshing Mint

A cool and refreshing mint color scheme for your kitchen, you can temper some of the heat and vibrancy that is associated with this room easily and effectively. The pastel green is a perfect bright and ambient alternative that should be considered closely.

Smoky Gray

Subtle attributes of a smoky gray kitchen can complement both sleek and refined kitchens as well as more traditional and rustic ones.

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